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Welcome to Ioneercell INC
About Ioneercell
  Ioneercell Inc. is a development, research and consulting company working in the field of electro-chemistry, mainly related to energy technology. Based on profound know-how and experience, Ioneercell advises corporations during the product development process. Clients can be confident that full confidentiality is ensured.

Nowadays, most of the energy technology is closely involved in ionic transport for the energy conversion from chemical to electrical energy or vice versa. Ioneercell is a compound of "Ion", "Pioneer", and "Cell". Ioneercell intends to be a pioneer of supplying smart energy conversion cells involving ions.

Today, Ioneercell provides materials, unit parts, and consultancy for energy conversion devices associated with ionic transports such fuel cells and electrolyzers. Those systems consist of electrolytes, electrodes, assemblies, unit cells, and balance of plant as core components. Much effort should be devoted for their development which is playing a crucial role in determining durability and cost. Ioneercell mainly focuses on developing and introducing new technologies to related markets. Especially, since January 2012, Ioneercell has been the sole agent for supply of high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell (HTPEMFC) materials from Danish Power Systems (DPS) based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The new technology holds great potentials. No limitation to size combined with high efficiency and low costs opens up many potential avenues for the energy conversion systems.
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