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Membrane-Electrode Assembly
  Dapozol®- the optimal solution for Fuel Cell stack operating at temperatures of 120-200°C. The Dapozol® Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) from Danish Power Systems® is optimised for operating temperatures of 120-200°C, high carbon monoxide concentrations and no requirements for humidification.

MEA fact sheet

The main advantages of our Dapozol® MEA:
Unique cost effective PBI-blends Acid doped membrane, which lead to:
• excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical stability electrolyte membranes
• high proton conductivity over 0.01 S/cm at 150-200 °C with nearly zero water drag coefficients

DAPOSY Performance:
• up to 200 °C under ambient pressure
• no humidification
• very high CO tolerance (up to 3%) at 150-200 °C
• lifetime >5000 hours by continuous operation
• tested >140 start-up cycles during 7000 hours

Fuel Cells an introduction

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